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Bzetmex Technology Inc. was established in Istanbul in November 2022. Offering cryptocurrency investors a combination of speed and security in trading, Bzetmex Exchange continues to innovate its investors with designs and applications that make trading easier.

Combining experienced management and strong technological infrastructure in the financial world, Bzetmex continues to offer new options to investors in the cryptocurrency world.

While trying to keep investor satisfaction at the highest level with 7/24 Customer Support, it shares current developments in the cryptocurrency market and blockchain with its investors.

Our Board

Erdoğan Turan


Samet Efe

IT Manager

Bzetmex Ecosystem

Bzet Coin

BZET Coin, created on the own blockchain of the Bzetmex Cryptocurrency Platform, gains value with its usage areas and the projects it is involved in.

Bzetmex Exchange

Thanks to Bzetmex, buying and selling cryptocurrencies has been made fast and secure

Bzetmex Invest

Meet the financial needs of entrepreneurs and R&D projects with Bzetmex Invest!

Bzetmex Wallet

Use BzetmexWallet to securely store, send and receive cryptocurrencies!

Career at Bzetmex

Join our Dream Team working to make the cryptocurrency market accessible to everyone!

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