Including giving great importance to the account security, as Bzetmex GLOBAL (“Company”), we take the issue of providing the best customer service to our Users very seriously. In order to prevent any identity theft or fraud, we strictly follow the KYC (Know Your Customer) Policy.

In this regard, before our Users start trading after they open trading account, we have quick and simple procedure that our Users must follow. This procedure ensures the safety and security of all trading accounts.

The purpose of the Know Your Customer Policy is; with a risk-based approach, reducing the risks by evaluating the Users, transactions and services of the Bzetmex GLOBAL, raising the level of awareness of the employees about the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism and obtaining information in this regard, and in this context, informing the Users that the Company carries out its activities on a legal basis.

Within the scope of this KYC Policy, the User, to whom this KYC Policy is implemented on and agrees and declares not to harm the Company’s activities, refers to the real persons who are members of the Platform (“Platform”) that can be accessed via and those who benefit from the services offered on the Platform and therefore those who accept the matters in this KYC Policy.

  1. Authentication

Within the framework of the other internal policies of the Company, and in accordance with this KYC Policy, Bzetmex GLOBAL takes the following measures:

Authenticate the User

Taking necessary measures to identify the real beneficiary as a result of the User’s transactions

Obtaining satisfactory information about the purpose and nature of the transaction that the User wishes to perform

Monitoring the User and the transactions performed by the User throughout the customer relations and comparing with the User profile

Monitoring high-risk Users, transactions, and other Users that require particular attention

Within the framework of this KYC Policy, the authentication regarding to the User is completed before the service relationship between the User and the Company starts, or before the User makes any transactions. As the service relationship between the User and the Company is being established, information regarding the purpose of the User to become a member of the Platform belonging to the Company, and the transactions to be made on the Platform and the purposes of these transactions will be obtained.

Required documents while becoming a member

For our real person users;

A copy of the identity card containing the identity number and photo.

A selfie which contains the face of the User and a paper on which name and surname, date, and is written is clearly seeable.

Phone number

E-mail address.

The cases in which the authentication procedure will be carried out;

When establishing a service relationship, regardless of the monetary amount;

If the total amount of a single crypto currency transaction or multiple linked transactions is equal to or more than EUR 100,000.00 and/or equivalent value in another currency and/or crypto assets of the same value;

If the total amount of a single cryptocurrency exchange or multiple linked transactions is equal to or more than EUR 100,000.00 and/or equivalent value in another currency and/or crypto assets of the same value ;

In cases requiring suspicious transaction reporting within the framework of the current legislation, regardless of the monetary amount;

Regardless of the monetary amount, if there is any doubt about the accuracy and adequacy of previously acquired identity information;

In cases where the User requesting a transaction on the platform performs the transaction for the benefit of a third party; authentication of both the User requesting the transaction and the third party for whose benefit the transaction is performed.

In cases where the User declared that he/she is acting on his/her behalf but he/she is suspected to act for the benefit of a third party, then, the Company takes all the measures to the identify the real beneficiary.

In accordance with the current legislation, Bzetmex GLOBAL will keep the documents and identity information on Platforms or any other environment, starting from the date of their issuance and for eight years from the last transaction date; and Bzetmex GLOBAL will submit those to the relevant parties if it is requested.

Additionally, customer relationships will not be established with the persons who want to open a user account with a pseudonym or fake names; with persons who refuse to provide the necessary information and documents; with the persons who are in the lists (OFAC, AB, BM, HMT, etc.) published by international institutions and organizations on money laundering of crime and terrorism; with the persons who violate the provisions and regulations of EU Directive No. 1, Basel Principles, Vienna Convention, Strasbourg Convention, Palermo Convention, Wolfsberg Principles, EU Directive No. 2, Egmont Group, FATF, EU Directive No. 3; with the persons of whom the identity verification has not been undertaken or sufficient information cannot be obtained about the purpose of the service relationship; with the persons who have a negative record of money laundering in the Company’s internal system regarding the financing of terrorism and related financial crimes (fraud, counterfeiting, organized crimes, etc.); and with the persons who acts in a way that constitutes illegal betting, gambling transactions.

To have an account on the Platform, Users fill out a member form. Users who want to make transactions must document their identity and address information. Otherwise, Bzetmex GLOBAL has the unilateral right to not to execute transactions or to suspend the account. 

Know Your Customer Form

In accordance with our KYC Policy, as Bzetmex GLOBAL, we hereby request the following information:

Name and Surname:

Date of Birth and Place:

Type of ID and Number of It:


Residence Address:

Phone and Fax Number:

E-mail Address:

Important Explanation: As a result of the transactions you will make on our cryptocurrency service platform, you may face the risk of loss as well as possibility to make a profit. Therefore, before deciding to trade, you need to understand the risks you may encounter and make your decisions according to your financial situations and limitations. We kindly request you to review the Bzetmex GLOBAL User Agreement before becoming a member of the Platform.

I declare and undertake that I act only on my own behalf as a real person user in all the accounts that I will open on the Platform and that I understand the fact that I might be subject to the legal and criminal sanctions in accordance with the relevant legislation.

I further declare that the information I have hereby provided in this form is accurate and complete.



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